Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Snapshots from Over There

It is a good thing that the small boy's teacher gave him homework.  Otherwise, our pace was so feverish and jam-packed that we might not have taken in the scenery.  (Feverish literally:  after a breathless-but-lovely week of lunches, dinners and coffees with dear friends, I succumbed to something yucky and had to crawl under the covers for a bit.  At least it wasn't the explosive tummy version that afflicted my poor wee lad.)

The homework assignment:  create an album to show your classmates what life is/was like where you lived before.  Here you see the results of the lad's brainstorming.

I like how this photo manages to include Papa's former place of employment, Grandma's Halloween decorations (arranged by guess who), and...a pickup truck.  Although really this is a Scotland-sized pickup and not a Missouri one!

Ah, now here is a proper Missouri pickup truck.  "Super Duty!"

To be continued...I need to take the Mister to Berwick for his (written) driving test (speaking of vehicles).  Hold a good thought!


  1. almost a monster truck! fitting for the time of year. hope the testing went ok x

  2. Written driving test? I have never heard of such a thing, is it new or is it just in Scotland?

    I like the picture of the tree at the top of your post and, I hope that you are fully fit and well now.


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